Frequently asked questions

Why donate to Wageningen University & Research?
The university plays an important role in society through its research and the education of young people. The government is a major funder, but certainly not the only one. Contributions from individuals and companies enable research, scholarships for students and other special projects. Often donors give to a project that is close to their heart or that they deem relevant for society.

What is the role of University Fund Wageningen?
University Fund Wageningen is the charity that supports the university and aims to enhance teaching and research at the university and supports the preservation of the cultural and academic heritage of Wageningen University. The fund supports activities for which no regular funding is available and that strengthen the unique character of Wageningen University. In order to do this the fund raises donations for numerous projects and for its named funds.

What are the tax benefits of my gift?
The Wageningen University Fund is registered with the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI). Therefore, the following tax benefits apply if you pay taxes in the Netherlands:
• if an institution has been designated as an ANBI by the Tax Administration, a donor can deduct gifts from income or corporation tax, obviously within the applicable rules.
• ANBIs don’t have to pay any gift tax or inheritance tax on inheritances and gifts received by the ANBI in the context of the public interest. For this kind of gift please check our website or contact us directly.

If you would like to make a donation of € 1,000 euros or more to a project or if you would like to do a multiyear donation please contact us via or call 31 317- 483800, Arianne van Ballegooij.

For more information about tax issues, please refer to the Tax Information Line on 0800 - 0543 or visit

What happens if the goal amount is not reached?
Then we start looking for additional funding. The donors who have contributed will be informed about it via the crowdfunding website.

The university doesn’t need money, does it?
The government funds specific tasks of the university in the field of education, research and knowledge transfer. For projects that do not fall within these specific tasks, the university or the researcher will need to find other funds.

How can I post my project on this site?
Are you a researcher or student at Wageningen University and would you like to put your project here?
Check with the university fund to discuss the possibilities. Contact us through

Is your question not listed?
Mail to and your question will be answered as soon as possible.