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Xylencer achieves the second place!

10 November 2019 18:04

Our crowdfunding goal has been successfully reached and your support enabled us to present our project at the Giant Jamboree in Boston. Over the course of three days, we presented our project to over 350 other teams, many members of the jury and representatives of companies and the field of science. This was a huge success as we reached the finale, in which we presented to a crowd of over 3500 people. Which led to us securing the second place!! We were also nominated for best website, best presentation, and best Education & Public Engagement. On top of this, we won prizes for the best poster and best food project!

However great these results are, the future of our project is not guaranteed. Still, we are extremely proud of the insights and ideas our project has introduced to the field of bacteriophage therapy and we are proud of the awareness we all created for the problem of Xylella fastidiosa. This was all made possible by you, our contributors, and we again would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

p.s. the stretch rewards will be sent out early December.