Urgent! Give Ukrainian war victims safe drinking water

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Will you help to spread 10.000 waterfilters in Ukraine? Give Ukrainian war victims safe drinking water!

What is the problem?

In Ukraine, up to 10 million people are internally displaced, including up to 3 million children. Hospitals, water facilities, schools and kindergartens have been destroyed. Access to education, healthcare, and social services is interrupted.

According to Unicef 13.6 million people lack access to safe water.

This is a problem all over Ukraine but especially pressing in cities and in the eastern parts of the country. In the eastern part of Ukraine, most people are dependent on water supply systems for their drinking water. Due to war-related activities in the east, many water supply systems have been destroyed. At the same time, open water has been polluted by the bodies of war victims laying in these waters.

Due to the inaccessibility of adequate water filtration systems, there is a big risk of cholera and diarrhea outbreaks.

NGOs like Unicef and the Red Cross acknowledge these problems. Due ongoing violent attacks, however, many NGOs are not able to serve the victims in the war zones directly. Besides, many NGOs focus on repairing and replacing existing water supply systems or placing relatively large safe water systems in central public placeslike hospitals. Many households are thus still in need of safe drinking water.

These WUR alumni have a solution

Four alumni of WUR have joined forces;  Lieselotte Heederik and Guido van Hofwegen have developed the Nazava Water Filters. Emmeke Vierhout and Kees Huizinga founded the De Leeuw Kyiv Foundation to bring humanitarian goods to Ukraine. They have a strong network of people to get the water filters where they are needed the most.

They want to provide access to safe drinking water to at least 50,000 children and vulnerable people at the frontline in Ukraine with water filters that are relatively small, durable and portable, which can be used anywhere. These filters are of high quality but cost little.

Support us to provide the first 10.000 water filters to people in need!

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Emmeke Vierhout & Kees Huizinga

Lieselotte Heederik & Guido van Hofwegen