Article Message KWO/ WUR facebook post!

07 mayo 2019 22:04

We are closing in on the end date of this crowdfunding, but are still in need of donations! That’s why we have been working hard on spreading our crowdfunding with the world. Luckily, the Dutch sports fishing community has been of great help! For instance, Karperwereld Online (KWO) has posted about us:

Thereby, we published an article on about our previous adventure, with the alligator gar! In this article, we also ask to visit our crowdfunding website:

Lastly, the Wageningen University facebook page posted our crowdfunding, for which we are very thankful!

We reached out to a lot of people this way. We want to thank everyone who donated to our project! Hopefully we can get closer to our goal in the next month.

Spread the word and help us reach our target, so we can provide these beautiful species with the protection they need and deserve!