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Update May 12: The target is almost reached but donations are still very welcome! It will mean we can assist more students in need. On behalf of the students thank you so much for your support! 

Update April 22 2021: The COVID-19 pandemic is lasting longer than we all could have foreseen and still has a great impact on students at Wageningen University. For students in the final phase of their studies, it has been extremely difficult to find an internship and thesis research projects have to be altered as fieldwork or research abroad is currently nearly impossible. Because of this, students are forced to delay their studies, with all the additional costs this entails. At the same time, side jobs in hospitality or shops have fallen away, taking away students’ options to supplement their income. Also, parents of international students without a scholarship can no longer give the financial support they had pledged. Therefore, many students still find themselves in dire need.

Last year we asked for your help to support students with financial difficulties. We received many positive reactions from alumni, WUR staff members and students, and together we raised more than €68,000. Your support enabled 29 students to continue or successfully finish their studies. One example is Julia, an MSc Forest and Nature Conservation student from Hungary. With help of the emergency fund she managed to overcome her financial difficulties and insecurities, allowing her to continue her studies. A fantastic result!

Unfortunately, the emergency fund is now almost empty while we still receive requests from students in need and expect even more demand, especially from those hoping to graduate in June. As you can imagine, the uncertainty and financial difficulties create a great deal of stress for students as they apply to the emergency fund. We want to help them overcome this insecurity and support them in crossing the finish line. Therefore, we would like to ask you to participate once more and contribute to the emergency fund.

Julia and our Dean of Students Ruur have an urgent message for you, please view the video here.

Julia: “I pay for my studies myself, and due to the corona crisis I lost a significant part of my income. With help of the emergency fund I was able to continue my studies.”

Please join this cause and make a donation today. 

If we all contribute, even with just a small amount, we can make an real difference in students’ lives together. On behalf of Julia, Ruur and all students, thank you very much!

Jan Karel Mak,
Chair University Fund Wageningen


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News updates

Featured: The emergency fund in Wageningen World magazine. 'I didn't imagine I would ever not have enough money for food.'

17/03/2021 | 13:34

The emergency fund for students has been featured in the latest edition of Wageningen World, the magazine of Wageningen University & Research. Did you miss it? You can read it again below! The article and the entire magazine can also be found here. 

This student was helped thanks to you!

28/10/2020 | 17:14

Thanks to your donation and all other heartwarming donations, we have already helped 22 students who found themselves in financial need due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. And applications are still coming in! We would like to share this response of a student that we have helped thanks to you. "As the corona outbreak developed and I was forcefully sent back to my home country I encountered one of my biggest obstacles in my academic life. Amidst the quarantine returning back to Wageningen for the next year seemed unattainable. As time went by more difficulties appeared on the horizon. From my mother being layed off to personal and economic issues in my family, things were layering up into a mentally devastating cycle. I must say that I thought about quitting studying several nights before going to sleep. Besides, the most frustrating aspect about me considering giving up on my academic career was fuelled not by a lack of passion but by technical/economic issues. Things were pretty rough I must say. I remember one day scrolling down the MyPortal WURnews widget and seeing an announcement for an emergency fund that students could apply to. I honestly didn’t believe I could receive a scholarship. Luckily, I was fortunate to be granted an emergency fund that allows me to continue my studies. This emergency fund, in a time where I was desperate and anxious, felt like a major step in my student life. It is both my safety net and stepping-stone to go back to Wageningen and believe me I couldn’t be more grateful for it." - Student MSc Forest and Nature Conservation


Is my donation on this crowdfunding platform tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible. The Wageningen University Fund is registered with the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) and therefore any gift, also to crowdfunding, is deductible from income tax under the terms and conditions of the Dutch tax authorities. This applies if you pay taxes in the Netherlands.


Why do I have to fill out so many details when I want to donate?

It is possible to donate anonimously. To do so, please check the box of 'Don't show my name to website visitors'. If this has gone wrong, you can contact and we will manually change it. In any case, only your first name will be visible on the platform. 

To be able to thank you we ask for your email adress and your name. Because this project does not offer any returns or thank you gifts, we do not ask for your adress.