Target reached thanks to generous donors!

11 June 2021 13:30

We have reached the target! More than 1,300 students, alumni and WUR-staff members have donated in total €119,642. Thanks to your donation we can help students in need. An amazing result! Apart from donations we also received heartwarming reaction from donors;

Anonymous: “I know my donation is not much, but in my study period, I had a difficult time. At that time, WUR and Anne van den Band Fund helped me a lot, and it was an unforgettable moment! Thanks so much for the help.”

Lily: “Our students wherever they are from, are our future and we should support them whenever we can. Good luck all!

Anonymous: “Because I think it’s important that students can complete their studies. In these difficult times they can definitely use the support from others.”

We received new applications from students and these will be assessed by the Committee. 

One of the students that recently received support from the emergency fund is very gratefull. We would like to share his reaction with you:

“Respected committee, Is this for real? I mean I can’t thank you enough from me and my family’s side. We are grateful for this gesture and help at this time. This has definitely taken huge chunk of stress off my head and now I have one clear vision of getting graduated next year.”

That’s why we do this together. We will keep you informed about the emergency fund and the students you help in the future.