This student was helped thanks to you!

28 October 2020 17:14

Thanks to your donation and all other heartwarming donations, we have already helped 22 students who found themselves in financial need due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. And applications are still coming in! We would like to share this response of a student that we have helped thanks to you.

"As the corona outbreak developed and I was forcefully sent back to my home country I encountered one of my biggest obstacles in my academic life. Amidst the quarantine returning back to Wageningen for the next year seemed unattainable. As time went by more difficulties appeared on the horizon. From my mother being layed off to personal and economic issues in my family, things were layering up into a mentally devastating cycle. I must say that I thought about quitting studying several nights before going to sleep. Besides, the most frustrating aspect about me considering giving up on my academic career was fuelled not by a lack of passion but by technical/economic issues. Things were pretty rough I must say. I remember one day scrolling down the MyPortal WURnews widget and seeing an announcement for an emergency fund that students could apply to. I honestly didn’t believe I could receive a scholarship. Luckily, I was fortunate to be granted an emergency fund that allows me to continue my studies. This emergency fund, in a time where I was desperate and anxious, felt like a major step in my student life. It is both my safety net and stepping-stone to go back to Wageningen and believe me I couldn’t be more grateful for it."

- Student MSc Forest and Nature Conservation