Lees de verhalen van studenten die je hebt geholpen!

30 June 2020 13:56

Dankzij jouw gift en alle andere hartverwarmende giften hebben we inmiddels 12 studenten kunnen helpen die door de corona maatregelen in de problemen waren gekomen. Er komen nog steeds aanvragen binnen and we werken hard om iedereen zo snel mogelijk te kunnen helpen. 

Bij deze berichten van twee MSc studenten die steun hebben ontvangen: 

"When the restaurant in which I had a side-job closed, I got in trouble. I considered giving up my room and moving back to Peru, but my country was also closed for me. Because of the financial contribution from the Emergengy Fund I don't have to worry about my sustenance the upcoming months, and I got air again to think about my thesis instead."


"Everyone in this world gets impacts due to covid-19 outbreak. When corona measures were implemented in The Netherlands, I was in the situation when I already had a research proposal and planned to go to Indonesia for the next month. Otherwise, it was cancelled and I needed to adopt my research methods on online ways. My supervisor and I tried to look for other alternatives to conduct the fieldwork without going back to my country Indonesia. It took two months to find a new research topic and new method.

As an international student with a scholarship from my country, there is a contract between my sponsorship and I. The contract will end at 31 august 2020, but I will need an extension. I was so worried and scared how to cover my living cost during the extension period. Fortunately, Student DEAN and my Study Advisor helped me to apply financial aid to Emergency Fund Wageningen. Then now I get the grant to help me to survive to graduate in this university. I am so grateful and thankful to Donors who play an important role to help students like me. I promise to utilise this fund wisely and make it a motivation to finish my study on time. Thank you very much! " R H from Indonesia