Bumblebee pollination increases lupin yield

06 April 2021 20:05

I can proudly present that the research that you have made possible has resulted in a scientific article. The main conclusions: bumblebee pollination can increase the protein crop yield up to 40%. That are huge improvements, and that for a species that was considered self-pollination. We also tried to find nectar in the lupins, but couldn't find anything. That is important to know, because nectar is the fuel which makes bumblebees buzz, and farmers should make sure plenty is available in the surroundings. The pollen that bumblebees collect is for their larvae, and lupin produces plenty of pollen. 

The scientific article can be read and downloaded for free here

We will continue our studies. This year we will grow several hectares of lupin in the south of Limburg. There we are going to study the effect of lupin cultivation on bumblebee populations. So, can lupin cultivation, which is depending on bumblebees, also contribute to bumblebee population growth? Let's find out!