Ekoplaza supports the project - target reached

21 November 2018 09:13

It went fast the last week: a nice amount of donations and support from Ekoplaza (a Dutch organic supermarket) led to reaching the target! Ekoplaza has some main themes on which they make their policy. Plastic Soup Proof is one of them, but also Biodiversty & Climate, and Local & from nearby. Those themes fit really well with this project, and I am proud that I can add Ekoplaza as a supporter of this project.

As said, the target is reached! 15.000€ of donations, and it made me a bit speechless. So incredibly cool that the target is reached with your help! I will not lay back now, because I am working on some quality improvements of the experimental setup. I have contact with (and confirmation of) seed producers that make their lupin varieties available, and I am arranging as many locations as possible to place our experimental plants during flowering. I am quite happy with the current setup, but it may be improved a bit more. The support of Ekoplaza is of great help, and any further donations will solely used for the improvement of the experimental setup like increasing the number of experimental sites.